Welding of non-alloy steel / stainless steel

Repair welding

At PWM, we specialize in repair of welding of all types, including equipment, machines and repair of structural welds.

All our welding repairs are carried out on time, in compliance with the highest possible quality standards, by certified welders and with warranty.

Primary methods of repair welding include arc welding with protected arc, TIG and MIG welding, depending on the application.

In repair welding, we look for the cause of the defect and strengthen the stressed areas to prevent future defects and malformations.

The first step in repair welding is to remove the damaged metal, cut off the damaged area and remove all rough edges to ensure proper placement and relative position of the pieces to be welded. It is important to completely grind off all cracks, even beyond the visible ones, as even the smallest residual defects will crack even after laying the weld.

Choosing the right filler material is critical. All components should be replaced with a material that meets or exceeds the strength of the base material. Each application differs in mechanical properties such as required strength, ductility, impact resistance and wear resistance. The exact fit of the filler material ensures quality welds and long service life and prevents premature failures and downtime.

High quality custom welding

If a prefabricated piece does not exist or does not work for a specific application, tailor-made welding allows you to get the right part for the job.

We use our own welding techniques to ensure more precise welding control, eliminating thermal deformation and slag and spatter generated during the welding process. The result is a high quality visually appealing weld that lasts.

In all our own welding we strive to create the most structurally reliable and aesthetically pleasing welds.

Special attention to detail, cleanliness and proper welding procedures ensures the quality of welding that your design deserves.

Custom welding can significantly improve existing equipment or enable the creation of unique pieces.

Your own designs can be made of metal of your choice, including aluminium, stainless steel and iron.

The actual welding and production includes:

Custom made parts
Construction equipment
Flat beds
Marine welding
Field equipment
Safety welding
Ornamental welding and production