Contract assembly

PW Machinery has extensive experience in integrating various complex components into a complete assembly. Based on this experience, we can offer incredible quality and value:
  • Using our experience and expertise, we can reduce the complexity of processes
  • By improving processes and cutting-edge equipment, we can minimize waste and reduce costs
  • Thanks to a cost-effective management approach, we can offer globally competitive prices for contract assembly
  • Our quality standards and internal processes ensure that our cost-efficient production meets OEM specifications


PWM adds value to the supply chain by assembling metal and other parts. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge, equipment and capability to assemble a variety of products and components, including: electrical contacts, switch and holder assemblies and other industrial products.

There are three key strategic benefits to our customers: cost, quality and delivery.

  1. We know how to cut costs. Our company has decades of experience in contract assemblies.
  2. We offer the highest quality. Our compliance with ISO 9001/2015 is just the beginning. Our own internal quality control processes ensure that the final product meets or exceeds the specifications.
  3. Our proximity to the main markets. We can ship the product to all EU countries in just two days. We can deliver to the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia by our own transport within hours.

At PWM we have the equipment and expertise to execute orders from A to Z - assembling components into a component or complete product.

As part of our integrated service, we have offered several companies outsourcing or extended work bench assemblies and subassemblies over the past twenty years, enabling companies to reduce costs and increase their productivity.

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